Whale Watching

About Whale Watching on Maui:
From December through May, the majestic and beautiful Humpback whales come to the area during their winter migration. If you will be visiting Maui during this time then book a whale watch tour, and enjoy the chance to see these creatures in their natural environment.
Imagine having the opportunity to see a 25 to 40 ton whale breach the water and then splash back down. What would it be like to see a mother swimming alongside her 1 ton newborn? When you choose this Maui Activity, you could experience that and more.

From December through May, several businesses offer exciting whale watching excursions. You’ll head out to the open water where the whales are known to pass. The knowledgeable guide or onboard naturalist will offer facts about the whales. Of course, they know the spots that offer the best viewing. (Note that not all whale watching excursions have an onboard naturalist. If this is something that is important to you then be sure to ask about it as you select your tour.)

INSIDER TIP: Yes, this is Maui, but you should still bring a jacket along as you enjoy this Maui Activity. It can get quite chilly on the water, and you’ll want to stay right by the rails to get the best view.

There are many local businesses that offer this Maui Activity. A few of the popular choices are Ultimate Whale Watching (808.667.5678), Kai Kainani (808.879.7218), and Pride of Maui (808.242.0955.) Each boat is different, so do a bit of research about each before making your decision. For example, if you’re going to enjoy this Thing to do on Maui with children, then you will want to choose a boat that has higher rails. Or, if you’re very interested in learning as much as possible about the whales, then you’ll want to choose a boat that has a naturalist on board.

No matter which whale watching excursion you choose, this Maui Activity is sure to be one of the most memorable parts of your visit to this beautiful Island.

The Basics: