Helicopter Tours

About Maui Helicopter Tours:

Maui Helicopter Tours are a Maui Activity that let you see the Island in a whole new way. You will get a bird’s-eye-view of Maui as your experienced and knowledgeable guide takes you over mountains, lush valleys, and the beautiful ocean waters. There are several different tours available for those who want to enjoy this Maui Activity. Some last about 30 minutes while others go for a full two hours. One popular choice is a two-hour tour that includes both Maui and the Big Island. Several operators offer Maui Helicopter Tours. A few examples are:

All of these Maui Helicopter Tour operators offer a memorable experience. The exact tours offered by each is different, so it is a good idea to take a bit of time to read about each of their offerings before making a decision about which business to choose for your time enjoying this Maui Thing to Do.

Last minute reservations are often possible, but to have the best selection and be sure to get the Maui Helicopter Tour that you want, it is best to book your tour in advance. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy sweeping views of the gorgeous Island of Maui. Add this Maui Activity to your list of can’t-miss Maui Things to Do.

The Basics: