Things to Do

Maui has an unending list of things to do. It has activities for singles, couples, small and large groups, along with families and children. Naturally care should be taken in deciding which activities to engage. if working with a local company on a tour, rental, or activity, recognize that not all companies will provide the service that you may be looking for. That being said, the drop down menu has a list of activities with a number of companies that provide these services. We couldn't list everything but tried to list some of the more popular activities. If you don't see what you are looking for, scroll down and you may find it further down our list. We cannot guarantee that your experience will meet your expectations, nor are we responsible for any services or products they provide. We just wanted to let you know some of the opportunities available to help you enjoy your stay on our beautiful island of Maui. As of this posting these business are open and operating, however, we cannot guarantee that for the long term.